Quote – Dull Life

Some men like a dull life – they like the routine of eating breakfast, going to work, coming home, petting the dog, watching TV, kissing the kids, and going to bed. Stay clear of it – it’s often catching.  Hedy Lamarr

routine                                       Routines can be fun and don’t need to be boring.

Today was another good day.  Water aerobics first thing this morning. Always feel better after them.  Aside from the exercise benefit, I get to socialize with friends at the pool. Then I came home and had lunch, ran some errands with my partner and came home had dinner, feed the pup (Chico) and kitty (Mr. Toes) watched some tv while doing a jigsaw puzzle and now here I am.20180806_1705041

20180729_100617Aren’t they beautiful??

Back to the routine….writing my blog everyday has become a routine and I am totally enjoying it. As I have said in the past, I am far from being a “writer” but I sure am having fun with it and it makes me feel 100% better.  I had learned in AA that it is healthier to clear things out of my head, then the good stuff came come in. There is much truth to that.  I have to remain vigilant to keep the committee in my head to a minimum. I remember hearing in AA about “the committee”, or the different thoughts and voices swirling around in our heads, often giving us conflicting messages or bad advice. In my sobriety, I have benefitted tremendously by taking the time to identify those voices. I had no clue who I was when I got sober.  I borrowed a section from Agnostics in AA

What I am getting at is that through my daily routines I become inspired to continue moving forward and do the things I have been taught and if I do then I will remain sober and happy.  I try to think of how it was when I first came into AA, and I remember that all I was looking for was HAPPINESS. Well, I found it and then some….I Caught It – the DULL LIFE. I read this recently “Life is just the way it is supposed to be: unpredictable, good, bad, ugly, and great, all rolled up into one incredibly short experience.”  “What’s really important is that life just is—and that we should stop worrying and get on with living it!”   Bob Miglanihappydrama




Thanks for reading tonight….now to get on with my boring, dull life….

10 Quotes to Live By


These are great. Simple and to the point. One of the first slogans I learned was KISS: Keep It Simple Stupid. 1.  We should be nice to everyone because we have no idea what is going on in someone’s life. They may be snarky for a reason, usually something is going on and they are afraid. I, like most have judged people not knowing what battles they may be fighting. So for myself I let people in my life so that they may be aware of my “battles” then they can understand why I am acting a certain way and the reason why. Keeping this in mind I try to become aware by watching and listening, not always having something to say, to people around me.

2.  Happy? Leo Tolstoy said,  “If you want to be happy, be.”  https://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/leo_tolstoy_105528  Sure sounds simple….not really. However, we especially for me. I tend to complicate everything.  I read a blog recently and they listed 20 reasons why this happens. Check them out at 20 Reasons Life Gets Way Too Complicated

3.  I try, not always successful, to surround myself by positive energy and to do that I need to be around positive people. I was taught to stick with the WINNERS. Sometimes hard to find. Keep looking!!StickWinners

4. No one knows the real you but you. And I learned that, to my own self be true.  I asked my sponsor and group members for advice based on their experience. Bounced my thoughts and ideas off them. But in the end, I was the one who needed to live with my decision. Half the time making the decision is the hardest, once I make it, because I believe in commitment, I can carry it through. I know whatever the decision, there may or may not be consequences. I am not  afraid of making mistakes any more – done people pleasing. I am a human being. As far as I know, all humans make mistake. Learned how to take a risk.

5.  The best day of my life is my own. My own because of routine and good habits are my solution. They are days when I feel good about myself because I have grown as a person; days when I grew mentally, physically, and spiritually; days when I connected with someone; days when I helped someone. How did this all happen? By Going to AA, listening, participating, and getting well and continuing to do this everyday by making AA and it’s principles a way of LIFE.

I could finish this post by writing and commenting on the rest 6 through 10. However you get the gist. These quotes to live by – I try to incorporate every single day of my life. Like I said I love quotes they make me think about what is going on in my life and become inspirational and then I get motivated and take action. Here is a handy link for AA meeting Quote Slogans….Recovery Meeting Quotes

Number 10 says it the best….”Someone else is happy with less than what you have.”  It can ALWAYS be worse. All I have to do is look and listen to what is going on around me and be grateful and humble for what I have. By all rights I should be dead.

Have a wonderful night!


Quote of the Day – Commitment

“The quality of a person’s life is in direct proportion to their commitment to excellence, regardless of their chosen field of endeavor.”
Vince Lombardi

As I have alluded to in some of my past posts, all the GOOD in my life is in direct proportion to the activity I have been taught to ‘do’ in AA.  To me that means that my life is good so long as I am following the principles in AA and living my life as outlined to me from the members of AA that went before me. They taught me to do what they did and make AA a part of my life until it was my life. Well, because I was so sick and tired of being sick and tired, I did that. And my life today, in spite of the occasional blah days, my life is full and I feel I have purpose in my life.

I was given a plan of action…my life became more than just words…it became and continues to be a commitment on a daily basis. I also learned that by making a commitment it meant that I would be carrying “it” through, from start to finish.  So, before I say YES to anything, I make sure I have the time and desire to really follow through. I have said NO to many things because I am not afraid to any more, but more than that, if it isn’t something I don’t want to or can’t do then I no longer say yes just to be a People Pleaser.

I will go to any length to stay clean and sober. It was overwhelming to make a lifelong commitment to sobriety, so I followed “One Day at a Time.” Using this day-by-day pace, I was able to string together time and a new life. I afraid, as I was of EVERYTHING, of making a long-term commitment, but I knew I had to. It was a difficult place to be, seemingly stuck between two tremendous fears; fear of going back to using and facing certain catastrophe, and the fear of failure.  So, I decided to take a chance on the risk of recovery because at least I knew my odds of succeeding and living a worthwhile life were better than if I went back to using. How? By the POWER OF EXAMPLES right in front of me. These AA members had made a commitment to get WELL and it was working for them. No matter what was going on in their lives, they did not pick up a drink and the seemed to be happy most times with smiles on their faces. I WANTED THAT!!

In my experience, it is my continual commitment on a daily basis that provides the true and enduring path to happiness, joy and serenity!



Quote of the Day

I have no “Pearls of Wisdom” other than what is written above.

Says pretty much what I am about today. Had a good day, not much to share about the day tonight. 

None of what I say or write jus totally mine. I have gained and learned so much from so many people that I have actually become a culmination of everyone I have met. God has put everybody that I needed in my life whenever and wherever He has seen fit. That is how I became who I am today. A little bit of everybody, every place and everything I have run into up to this point in my life.

Quote of the Day – Memories


Had a fantastic night.  Went to Disney Springs to a new restaurant called Terralina Italian.  Was delicious. But aside from the food the company was awesome.  Met up with my brother-in-law, his wife and their daughters. We ate, we laughed and oh my goodness the reminiscing. I have known his family for over 40 some years. We had lots to share.  Some of the memories we have heard over and over, but the fun part now is that his daughters are old enough to add to the memories.

Like the quote says,”…memories are the only things that don’t change…”  Everything else, people, places, things they ALL change.  I think that is why for me memories are so important. They also help build character and mold who we were, who we are and who we will become.  Everything that happened in my life had to happen  in order for me to get to where I am today. I have to remind myself though that I MUST CONTINUE TO GROW, which means I have to CHANGE with respect to the way I react to people, places and things.

My memories are usually sparked by people, and more times than not music.  A certain song comes on and I can remember where I was, who I was with and where I was. Funny though because I usually can’t remember what I went in a room to get…LOL

One of my favorite Memory songs is by Paul Anka “Times of Your Life” Paul Anka Times of YOur Life

Another one is “Now and Forever” by Carole King   Carole King Now and Forever

There are soooooo many of these songs that help me when the world around me is driving me crazy or things become so overwhelming. I put on my headphones and escape to my Memories.

Some of my memories haven’t always been great, no matter they are all a part of who I am. My childhood has shaped me to what I am today. I recall my childhood memories, there are many stories. Childhood is special for everyone.  There are so many childhood memories I can remember that effected my personality. Some of memories make me happy, but others make and made me grow up.  As time evolved my teen years, my young adults years and on and on all had some impact of my growth. Until I started drinking. Then I stopped growing. I was stuck in the time period. Once I stopped drinking and started to get well I was able to begin growing again. As more time went on and I continued to get well, I started to remember all the memories, the good, bad and even ugly memories.  God was and still is the one that  helps me to remember the things I need for whatever reason (usually growth). And, it is all in his time not mine. I am sure there are reasons that He sees fit that I do not remember. Like in the beginning of my sobriety, I recalled very little, probably a good thing. As I have gotten “weller”  He ‘lets’ me remember more and more.

Now, I am able to share with family and friends many memories…although sometimes they will share a memory and I have no idea what they are talking about. It is ok, I am happy to be able to remember what I can today.

It was a wonderful night, seems like mu=my funk is lifting…YEAH!!

Have a great night, sleep well and until tomorrow….goodnightsweetdreams Continue reading “Quote of the Day – Memories”

Quote of the Day

wp-1536115576781.pngThis quote is a variation of the Serenity Prayer.  I love it because it focuses on me. Reminds me I can not and should not be taking anyone’s inventory except my own.  I cannot change anyone but me and most the time that change comes in the form of how I react to a person or a situation.

Had a wonderful day today. I am so much better when I get out of my own way and my own head. I had things to do and I did them. Now my head its clear and I can lay my head on my pillow tonight after my prayers and sleep without thinking about everything…I used too keep a pen and paper next to my bed but haven’t had to lately. Writing this blog has also helped me tremendously. I see me in writing and it keeps me where I need to be. Remember PROGRESS NOT PERFECTION!

Catch up with you tomorrow. Sleep well…

Quote of the Day


This is how I feel about normal.  What is the true definition of normal today? Normal can be used to describe an individual’s behavior that conforms to the most common behavior in society or known as conformity.

But I have had conflicting ideas of normal.  I was told in AA,  “We” (my AA group I joined) don’t conform to you, you conform to us”.  That old thing of If you want what we have, you do what we did….and yeah, ok that worked.

However I was also taught to “Go against the Grain” and do the things I needed to do to live life on a daily basis….

A little conflict going on there in my head… but I learned as time goes on that there are many paradoxes in the world today.

The 4 I know the most are in AA – 1. We surrender to win. 2. We must give away to keep. 3. We have to suffer to get well. 4. We have to die to live

So for me rather that asking what is ‘Normal” I look at it as abnormal is anything or anyone that seems different to us and what we are used to. And usually follow it up with the question from above “Define Normal?”