You Can Do It


For me gratitude has developed over time, and over time I have observed that my attitude of gratitude has develop a life of its own. A life that I choose to visit on a regular   basis.

The “Gratitude Principles”

1. Gratitude is awareness that, as things come to you, they are exactly what you need – be it people, circumstance, or challenges.
2. Worry is the opposite of gratitude; it is the failure to understand that you have been and will continue to be provided for each day.
3. Whenever fear over your future encroaches, stop to observe a tree. Consider how the tree continues to stand tall and grow throughout the various cycles and seasons of its life span.
4. Worry is an action. Gratitude is an action. Both are optional. By choosing gratitude you drive out the space and time for worry.
5. It isn’t hard to do; gratitude is simply noticing the good stuff in your life.
6. What you pay attention to, or notice, tends to expand and grow.
7. Each day brings a multitude of opportunities to feel gratitude and appreciation.
8. When you neglect the action of appreciating, you limit your potential for joy and contentment in the present moment.
9. Worry does not prevent bad things from happening; it only prevents you from accessing joy in this moment.
10. The present moment is the only place where joy and contentment can exist. Attitudes of Gratitude

Have a fantastic start to a wonderful week – One Day At A Time!!

2 thoughts on “You Can Do It

    1. Thank you. I am mostly grateful for the way I feel, which is happy most the time. When I first started on my journey with my recovery that is the one and only thing at the time I was searching for. I found so many more things to be grateful for….Again, thank you and thank you for following me.


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