AA Anniversaries

Some might say that AA Anniversaries, celebrations run contrary, are contradictory to the AA philosophy, especially the 24 hour a day idea, that we only have today.  And I agree to some extent.  However, I was taught that the Anniversary isn’t about me at all. It is for the newcomer giving them HOPE that they can not drink one day at a time and someday have the happiness and fulfilled lives that we have. So the intent of the AA anniversaries are extremely important. It doesn’t take away from the living a day at a time or sometimes the minute at a time…it’s main purpose is HOPE!!

I actually had to ask a friend the other day how long I had been sober. I live my life a day at a time so each day becomes just another day added on to the day before. I will tell you I will be sober 27 years either October or November. I say either October or November because I have no memory of which month I started. Probably those around me remember better than I do. Days, months, years have no meaning to me in my sobriety other than – “if you do what I did/do, you can have what I have”  I have said it over and over but it shows each day as I grow. I know that some of you that have been following have seen I am far from perfect, but I am sober and I have done it By the Grace of God, “the love and mercy given to us by God because God desires us to have it, not because of anything we have done to earn it” God had never left me, He was always there, through the good and bad and sometimes I forget that today. Then I need to jump back into my program, and do some more of the footwork.  It isn’t that I don’t do the things I need to do on a daily basis, but in all honesty and fairness I do tend to get lazy and slack off. And what happens? I pay a price, sometimes dearly.  I essentially get “squirrely” and I know when this is happening because I start to get full of fear, resentments and any other emotion you can think of. Thank goodness I can recognize it today and even more important thank God I know what to do about it to get back on the “beam.”

So, yes AA anniversaries do contradict the AA philosophy, but the are a valuable resource as well. They show the newcomer it is possible to not drink one day at a time, and recover from that hopelessness that we all come into the program with. IF and it is a big IF, if we do what is suggested to us to do!! In the beginning it is – Don’t Drink, Go to Meetings, Talk to another Alcoholic and get a Sponser.  If these things are done, that is a fantastic start to a new life Beyond Your Wildest Dreams!!

Good night ALL and REMEMBER

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