Relax it’s Sunday

SundaySunday, is often looked upon as a day of rest. But if you are lucky enough like me to be retired then everyday can be a day of rest. So long as it doesn’t become a habit for not doing things that need to be done. Sometimes relaxing Sundays are easier said than done.  I finished power washing my home today around noon.  Cleaned up had lunch, doing laundry and now I am relaxing. Actually watching football. But to me, that is the way I relax. doing whatever I feel like doing. Sitting still is still hard for me, something I have to practice. I make it a point in the morning to meditate and say my prayers…have to…it has become a major part of my life. It is like showering or bushing my teeth in the morning. I just do it!  I did take a little snooze, cat nap if you will…KittyRelax I try to enjoy everyday of the week.
MeditationFrogIt is interesting…I sometimes think I am lazy but I am really not. To me sometimes sitting still and just reflecting is a form of meditation for me. It puts me  right where I need to be.  Meditation is kind of form of laziness to me. Not sure why, but meditation makes me feel serene and calmer while always pointing me in the right direction for the day. But you know what? If my day goes a little a crazy at some point…I have learned to start my day over. And I do this by saying a little prayer and more than not, I will take a few minutes and meditate. That way I start heading in the right direction again. I guess what I am trying to say is that if to others it looks like I am being lazy, I am probably taking a break and meditating.

This whole post seems like babble to me, but that is me.  I write like I talk…very confusing at times, but honest and to the point.  Have a GREAT rest of  your Sunday. You can make it GREAT, remember start it over at any point if you need to!!!!

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