Going Against the Grain


This is an awesome quote, especially coming from one of my favorite ladies, Eleanor Roosevelt.

I don’t like so much to pick apart quotes. Sometimes they mean a lot to me and I can ramble on and on about what I think they mean. This time this particular quote says to me – I must go against the grain. This idiom I learned in AA. Simply put I must continue to do the things that make me feel uncomfortable in order to grow and remain sober and well. My drinking was just the symptom of my real problem.  Alcohol was a coping skill to some other deep down problem in my life. Whatever that may have been….May be something medical or mental. Deep feelings of guilt can be a cause.  Alcohol made it better in the beginning, but then it turned on me. I used it to numb my emotions.

The 4th step showed me what alcohol was a symptom of.  I had to answer questions … I had resentments,  but why? Now I knew why, but why did my thinking bring me to that conclusion.  This is one of my many character defects, that only God will remove. And, trust me they do come back…

Anyway, so now it is in my everyday practice to “go against the grain.” and fight the FEAR.  If it is something I need to absolutely do, I have to do it. Something I want to do, I have to do it…I missed out on way too many things because of being afraid to “do it”.  So just like NIKE says, JUST DO IT! How? Well through, prayer and practicing the principles of AA. I maintain my sobriety with the last 3 steps on AA…..maintenance Steps in AA 10, 11, and 12

Just do It

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