Quote – Dull Life

Some men like a dull life – they like the routine of eating breakfast, going to work, coming home, petting the dog, watching TV, kissing the kids, and going to bed. Stay clear of it – it’s often catching.  Hedy Lamarr

routine                                       Routines can be fun and don’t need to be boring.

Today was another good day.  Water aerobics first thing this morning. Always feel better after them.  Aside from the exercise benefit, I get to socialize with friends at the pool. Then I came home and had lunch, ran some errands with my partner and came home had dinner, feed the pup (Chico) and kitty (Mr. Toes) watched some tv while doing a jigsaw puzzle and now here I am.20180806_1705041

20180729_100617Aren’t they beautiful??

Back to the routine….writing my blog everyday has become a routine and I am totally enjoying it. As I have said in the past, I am far from being a “writer” but I sure am having fun with it and it makes me feel 100% better.  I had learned in AA that it is healthier to clear things out of my head, then the good stuff came come in. There is much truth to that.  I have to remain vigilant to keep the committee in my head to a minimum. I remember hearing in AA about “the committee”, or the different thoughts and voices swirling around in our heads, often giving us conflicting messages or bad advice. In my sobriety, I have benefitted tremendously by taking the time to identify those voices. I had no clue who I was when I got sober.  I borrowed a section from Agnostics in AA

What I am getting at is that through my daily routines I become inspired to continue moving forward and do the things I have been taught and if I do then I will remain sober and happy.  I try to think of how it was when I first came into AA, and I remember that all I was looking for was HAPPINESS. Well, I found it and then some….I Caught It – the DULL LIFE. I read this recently “Life is just the way it is supposed to be: unpredictable, good, bad, ugly, and great, all rolled up into one incredibly short experience.”  “What’s really important is that life just is—and that we should stop worrying and get on with living it!”   Bob Miglanihappydrama




Thanks for reading tonight….now to get on with my boring, dull life….

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