Quote of the Day


This is how I feel about normal.  What is the true definition of normal today? Normal can be used to describe an individual’s behavior that conforms to the most common behavior in society or known as conformity.

But I have had conflicting ideas of normal.  I was told in AA,  “We” (my AA group I joined) don’t conform to you, you conform to us”.  That old thing of If you want what we have, you do what we did….and yeah, ok that worked.

However I was also taught to “Go against the Grain” and do the things I needed to do to live life on a daily basis….

A little conflict going on there in my head… but I learned as time goes on that there are many paradoxes in the world today.

The 4 I know the most are in AA – 1. We surrender to win. 2. We must give away to keep. 3. We have to suffer to get well. 4. We have to die to live

So for me rather that asking what is ‘Normal” I look at it as abnormal is anything or anyone that seems different to us and what we are used to. And usually follow it up with the question from above “Define Normal?”

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