Just another day

That is not a bad thing….Just another day.  I have been blessed to have another day. By all rights, I should be dead. And, God said, nope, I have a purpose for this one. I forget that some times. Especially when I have things going on in my life. If I remember what my purpose in this life is, I am fine. But, I am a human being, I have emotions and feelings, I have anxieties, fears, and just about any other defect of character you can come up with. So, I need to talk about them, write and share them. That way all those negative “things” diminish in power. That it’s why I at least try to share with someone on a daily basis. Putting everything into perspective. It will be OK!

I like the fact I can be totally honest in my writing. I try not to name names of the period in my past or present when sharing. Some, I know would get angry because of not understanding why I do what I do. I also think they may not read the parts because they may believe I am staying or talking about them. But trust assured, I Ann not here to maliciously hurt anyone. I’m am here to share my experience, strength and hope  that God has given to me as my purpose in life. I know what my purpose is, do you?

Feel free to ask questions. Of course I ask the be relevant to the subject matter from the last month or so….

Have a wonderful evening..

i have to remember, everyday is a best day of my life, even on life’s terms!

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