Continuing to Grow

Hello Friends….

I am changing up my blog a little. I am as I have been sharing for the last month, continuing my spiritual journey and growth by reading my Daily reflections and the 24 Hours A Day Book. I think though it is time to grow some more and branch out. I hope that if you already were reading those books yourself you continue, if you weren’t I hope that maybe having been introduced to them you have picked them up.  They we and still are essential to my growth and continued well-being in this big old world.

I am not a writer as mentioned in past blogs. Half the time I have trouble even communicating a thought, mostly on paper. I am better at sharing my thoughts talking to someone or a group of people. I have tried to pretend that as I write I am speaking to an audience. Guess it works, don’t know. Today as I sit here in the rain I am lost for words today, nothing is wrong, nothing is great. I am just enjoying the day. Guess that is what I have been striving for all these years.

I retired from school bus driving on January 4, 2011, moved to Florida on January 2, 2011. I was a young retiree at 55 years old so I needed to work to fill the time. I came to Florida and started working at Disney World, the Happiest Place on Earth. I was thrilled. I was going to drive a Disney bus. It was something I always kidded about when we came to Disney World on our vacations. I said, ‘someday when I retire I am going to drive one of these buses.”  Well my dream came true. There is so much more leading up to this story…and herein lies my problem. I start writing about one thing and think of a million other things that drag me off track.  No matter, that is part of who I am, my mind is so very active at times that I can’t slow it down and that always, always reminds me of exactly who I am. I am a drunk staying sober A Day At A Time, but By The Grace Of God.

So I worked at Disney World for 5 years and then retired again…a young retiree still. At 59 and 1/2 I was retired (now in my early 60s). I thought so, but because of that craziness in my head, I thought I needed to go back to work. I could not sit still. I remember my sponsor saying to me…go home and sit still and try to do nothing. Sitting still was not my problem. It was my head would not stop thinking of things to do or things I ‘should’ be doing.  I retired. I was constantly looking for part-time jobs. Took a couple, decided I didn’t really want to work. So I left them. It took me 3 years this July to realize – it is OK. You are fine. You don’t need to work to feel ok, there are plenty of other things you can do.

I am finally learning how to stop and smell the roses. It is funny too because, I was saying this to a friend recently and danged if it wasn’t something that I sure needed to hear.  God puts people in our paths for reasons.

I feel very peaceful and serene tonight. It is an awesome feeling. I went to my water aerobics this morning and was thinking of ALL the things I had to do today.  Got home and said why?  The weeds will be there, the closets will get cleaned out, the floors will et mopped and so I decided that I was going to take this day and go sit on my porch put my head phones on and do some cross stitching….”Calgon, Take Me Away”. Some of you may not know that reference, hopefully some will. Calgon, take me away,” originated in a series of advertisements by Calgon bath and beauty products. The phrase was intended to show the relaxation that could come from using the company’s products, and it is now an expression used to show a desire to relax.


Once again I am embarking on….on what , I am not so sure. Just going to Live One Day At A Time and write from my heart. I suppose some days will be better than others in terms of making sense on these pages…

Want to thank all of you from the bottom of my heart who take the time to read these blogs.  I wish I had a plan or idea for constancy but I don’t.

Have a wonderful evening!

“It’s really important to me to keep growing and keep finding new things.”                           Andrea Martin


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