Oops…In my last post, Giving It Away I messed up. Well here is the true alcoholic in me. I have to write here and let you all know I goofed. Had to let it go. I seemed to get the days mixed up in my 24 Hour a Day sharing section. Seems I did some for August 25 and some for August 26. No matter…

Bottom line is I did my reflections and Meditations. Does it really matter whether the days are kept in any particular order? Probably not. I guess if you look at it, what if the pages didn’t have any dates on them? Or what if it just happened to be what I needed that day on the page(s) I read? Guess the bottom line is WHO CARES?

I guess I am getting a littler “weller” because when I started writing this post, I did. Now after getting it out of my head – I Don’t!  Oh, what a feeling that is. To not have “things” in my head. Little “things” or big “things” doesn’t matter. I can not let “things” sit in my head. I don’t live in my head any more…Have to empty the thoughts and move on.

Yup, I think I am getting “weller” every day I continue to move forward by doing all the things I have been taught in AA right from the start….

Have a wonderful rest of your weekend…. and REMEMBER LIFE is GOOD!!

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