It may be possible to find explanations of spiritual experiences such as ours, but I have often tried to explain my own and have succeeded only in giving the story of it. I know the feeling it gave me and the results it has brought, but I realize I may never fully understand its deeper why and how.                                                                                            AS BILL SEES IT, p. 313

I had a profound spiritual experience during an open A.A. meeting, which led me to blurt out, “I’m an alcoholic!” I have not had a drink since that day. I can tell you the words I heard just prior to my admission, and how those words affected me, but as to why it happened, I do not know. I believe a power greater than myself chose me to recover, yet I do not know why. I try not to worry or wonder about what I do not yet know; instead, I trust that if I continue to work the Steps, practice the A.A. principles in my life, and share my story, I will be guided lovingly toward a deep and mature spirituality in which more will be revealed to me. For the time being, it is a gift for me to trust God, work the Steps and help others.

Alcoholics Anonymous World Service Inc.. Daily Reflections: A Book of Reflections by A.A. Members for A.A. Members (Kindle Locations 1731-1734). A.A. World Services, Inc.. Kindle Edition.

I may never know how this profound change in me happened!  I only know that it DID!  I continue to do the simple things I have been taught to do in the fellowship of AA and my spirit awakened. To keep it that way I have to continue to grow and I know no other way to do that then to keep doing what I have been doing. I do know when I had my spiritual awakening….it was when I read in the Big Book, “The Housewife Who Drank At Home.” theystoppedintime3BB Housewife

I have been given my greatest gift!! I trust in God, I continue to ‘work’ the steps, and help others. I put ‘work’ in quotations because I really don’t work the steps. I live the steps. AA was a part of my life, now it is my life!!

24 Hours a Day

A.A. Thought for the Day

“When we saw our faults, we listed them. We placed them before us in black and white. We admitted our wrongs honestly and we were willing to set these matters straight. We reviewed our fears thoroughly. We asked God to remove our fears and we commenced to outgrow fear. Many of us needed an overhauling in regard to sex. We came to believe that sex powers were God-given and therefore good if used properly. Sex is never to be used lightly or selfishly, nor is it to be despised or loathed. If sex is troublesome, we throw ourselves the harder into helping others, and so take our minds off ourselves.” Am I facing my sex problems in the proper way?

Meditation for the Day

Cling to the belief that all things are possible with God. If this belief is truly accepted, it is the ladder upon which a human soul can climb from the lowest pit of despair to the sublimest heights of peace of mind. It is possible for God to change your way of living. When you see the change in another person through the grace of God, you cannot doubt that all things are possible in the lives of people through the strength that comes from faith in Him who rules us all.

Prayer for the Day

I pray that I may live expectantly. I pray that I may believe deeply that all things are possible with God.

Anonymous. Twenty-Four Hours A Day (p. 97). Martino Fine Books. Kindle Edition.

My Thought… Sex, oh my gosh. No way was I talking about that. To anyone!!  This is where I threw myself into helping others even more. I was told that if I helped others it would help me because I wouldn’t be thinking about me and my problems as much. I am here to say it worked. However, there came the time later in sobriety I had to be really become brutally honest with myself once again. I had faced my sexual problems (in my marriage) in the ‘proper way’ because I had help from the people around me, I had learned to talk about that 3 letter word. But, I was afraid that if they knew I liked girls more than boys, they would think of me in a different way. I had listed and talked about it in my steps with my sponsor. Then there came the time I had to have that faith I learned to believe and trust in and say, “hey, I am a gay woman and I have to start to live my life that way or I may drink again.” I was not being honest. Especially with myself. And I knew from my past experience not being honest is one of the first things that will lead me back to a drink. Today I am honest with myself first and foremost!

My Meditation… ALL THINGS are possible with God!  God helps me to live day-to-day because I ma able to adapt and change in today’s world and the situations that may or may not arise.  I saw people around me changing around me, so who was I to say, “There is no God?” They had faith! I want it, so I decided to have it by doing what they did to get it.

My Prayer…  All Things are possible with God!!


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