Can we bring the same spirit of love and tolerance into our sometimes deranged family lives that we bring to our A.A. group?                                                                                TWELVE STEPS AND TWELVE TRADITIONS, pp.111-12

My family members suffer from the effects of my disease. Loving and accepting them as they are— just as I love and accept A.A. members—fosters a return of love, tolerance and harmony to my life. Using common courtesy and respecting others’ personal boundaries are necessary practices for all areas of my life.

Alcoholics Anonymous World Service Inc.. Daily Reflections: A Book of Reflections by A.A. Members for A.A. Members (Kindle Locations 1720-1725). A.A. World Services, Inc.. Kindle Edition.

“The alcoholic is like a tornado roaring his way through the lives of
others. Hearts are broken. Sweet relationships are dead.
Affections have been uprooted. Selfish and inconsiderate habits have
kept the home in turmoil. We feel a man is unthinking when he says
that sobriety is enough”  ~Alcoholics Anonymous, 1st. Edition, Into Action, pg. 82~


I was a tornado, as described in the passage above. My family and friends were affected by my actions or non actions. I learned how to love and tolerate them as I did my AA family. It took awhile before they would or could trust me. I was afraid of changing, because if I changed they may not like me any more. Definitely defective thinking on my part. I’m sure today they didn’t like me too much the way I was…I had to learn how to bring the message I was learning in AA home with me and behave properly. Then I could take the message and share it anywhere.

24 Hours A Day

A.A. Thought for the Day

“We who have accepted the A.A. principles have all been faced with necessity for a thorough personal housecleaning. We must face and be rid of the things in ourselves which have been blocking us. We therefore take a personal inventory. We take stock honestly. We search out the flaws in our make-up which caused our failure. Resentment is the number one offender. Life which includes deep resentment leads only to futility and unhappiness. If we are to live, we must be free of anger.” Am I free of resentment and anger?

Meditation for the Day

Keep in mind the goal you are striving for, the good life you are trying to attain. Do not let little things divert you from the path. Do not be overcome by the small trials and vexations of each day. Try to see the purpose and plan to which all is leading. If when climbing a mountain you keep your eyes on each stony or difficult place, how weary is your climb. But if you think of each step as leading to the summit of achievement from which a glorious landscape will open out before you, then your climb will be endurable and you will achieve your goal.

Prayer for the Day

I pray that I may realize that life without a goal is futile. I pray that I may find the good life worth striving for.

Anonymous. Twenty-Four Hours A Day (pp. 96-97). Martino Fine Books. Kindle Edition.

My Thought…I believe I am free of anger and resentment. But to be completely honest, anger and resentment come back. I’d be dishonest if I said otherwise. I have learned that anger is actually fear turned inside out. If I am resentful it usually leads me to anger which means I am afraid of something or someone. Usually I am afraid of the unknown, something that I can’t even see, something intangible. So I learned how to step back and take a personal inventory. I was taught how to do this in step 4: “Made a searching and fearless moral inventory of ourselves.” The step involved listing character assets/defects. At the time I did this I was constantly reminded it was just a list. However, as time went on making that list allowed me to gain greater insight from the next steps. The list provided me with an open and honest assessment of my strengths and weaknesses. I still get angry and have resentments but they don’t last. I can not afford to harbor resentments. They will kill me.

My Meditation…I can start my day over any time. If the little things start to crop up and get in my way, then I find a quite place, close my eyes and recite the Serenity Prayer.   Serenity Prayer



By doing this I have achieved the good life, I had been searching for and I am happy    today!!!smiley

My Prayer…I pray to continue to do the right thing by continuing to do God’s will.

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