Not Too Old, Not Too Late


I am finding I am never too old, and it is never too late.  Love it!!  There are thing I still want to do. I have exhausted one bucket list and I am in the process of making a new one.

My first one was things like going to the Army vs Navy Football Game with my oldest son. Did it, it was awesome!!  Not everything on my list was huge or unattainable. Mostly little things.  Finishing up some cross stitch projects I never had time to do, travel in this beautiful state of Florida….beaches, beaches, beaches and oh yeah, Disney World. Lots to do here in Florida. Go back and visit my Texas Family and friends, go to All Army Softball Tournaments, get to see my Army pals, and the list went on and on…but I did a lot of what I never thought I would never do again.

The best part of all this is that I have no regrets. I have learned that, “You are not too old, and it is never too late.”  When I was away recently, a friend and I keep saying we need to stop and smell the roses. So true. I have been taught, once again in AA – that we ONLY HAVE TODAY!!  No words ring truer as I get older. I have physically slowed down , but I have the mid of a 20 year old…curious and eager to learn. I have a mind that goes, and goes, and goes…sometimes I have to sit and slow it down. Learned how to do that too, through my daily meditations.

So when someone says to you – “You are too old, and it is too late.”  Tell them “Never Too Late for Grace; Never Too Old to Change”

Have a wonderful evening!!

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