Oh what a day

Fantastic!! Here at the All Service Women’s Softball Tournament in Pensacola, Florida. Don’t think it’s be here if I had not gotten well.

I am here with five other Army women who played on the team. There are two who played in 1976 when this whole thing started. So gals here, the alumni, go from as far back as 1976 o 1981. I played in 1980 and 1981. Was an awesome experience. So very proud to have once again been a part of paving the way for women athletes, especially women in the military.

What was fun today was that I met a gal from the Air Force team from 1981 when we went to Barstow, California. What a neat thing to happen.

Anyway, just another example of what not drinking and getting well can do for you….where my experiences have taken me lately are beyond my wildest dreams…

So please, continue on your roads to your happy destiny…I will catch up on sharing my experience, strength and hope with you and share my experience with my daily reflections and my 24 Hours A Day as soon as I can.

Right now I am living and enjoying my life. Thanks for stopping by…

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