Random thoughts

Had too many things running through my mind today. So I decided to ramble….but as I sit down to do that I have seen what stepping back from it all and starting my day over can do. I got up this morning and did the things I normally did but could not shake the blah feeling. Not really sure why I had that feeling. Honestly though I just kept putting one foot in front of another and before I knew it God had put someone in my path. The person really didn’t have huge problems but just needed to cat. So we did and after that I felt better. I had no solutions for him but I could at least listen and in doing so my blahness subsided. I was and am right where I need to be!

My thoughts today have been in the past….I was sewing (cross stitching) out on my porch and listening to music with my headphones on. I do this often, it is like a therapy to me, my “Calgon, take me away.” I enjoy my memories, sometimes they are melancholy, no sentimental is a better word. I am not sad, just reflecting. Music makes me do that. I can remember where I was and with who and what was going on. I like the feeling, some may say that is unhealthy. I disagree, for me it reminds of times in my life, good, bad and ugly. Mostly good I have to admit.  The Crocodile Rock that Elton John sang puts me out on a lake in the winter skating around in the evening, the Bee Gees remind me of going on road trips with travel the softball team, as well as Paul Anka and Do Whop. Anne Murray and Barry Manilow of when I knew a very special person in my life. Eddie Rabbit, still Anne Murray, Barry and also Olivia Newton-John while I was in the Army, later in my life It was Carly Simon and on and on and on….I just love music. I also like accordion music, started playing at 7 years old and pick it up and play it still. One of the best things I did as a kid was to learn to read music. Music and playing sports were the two biggest parts of my life. Anyone that knew me growing up knew I played the accordion and sports.

As you can see from this post that my mind is all over the place, but all is good. I am just in that state of mind where anything and everything reminds me of something. Not a bad thing, all a part of what it takes to get to where I am. The past can haunt a person, only if you let it. I read once, there is a difference between thinking about the past and living in it. “Our future is just a past yet to arrive, our past a future come and gone.”  Natsuhiko Kyogoku

I like quotes very much. I use them a lot. Music to me, is quotes set to music, telling a story. Anyway that is where my mind has been today, actually going back to later. Have a fantastic evening!! Go where the music takes you……

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