Memories of All Army Softball

I am filled with memories today. Memories more specifically of my time in the Military and spending time with by Army buddies playing All Army Softball. The Woman’s All Service Softball Interservice Tournament is coming up in a couple of weeks. I had been blessed for the past two years of going to San Antonio, Texas to cheer on my Black and Gold family. This year the tournament is in Pensacola, Florida at the Naval Air Station. I am packing up and picking up one of the best All Army softball shortstops that ever played the game. We will spend the week at the tournament with some more alumni from previous years. It will be fun! The memories conjure up the way I used to be compared to how I am today. Of course the way I am today and things I am able to do are direct results of my activity in AA.

Sitting here too thinking that ever since I started writing this blog and sharing I have felt 100% better. I have been able to remind myself of the way it used to be, and I never want to go back there. I do occasionally get in my own way, not for long though. I am so very grateful for today. I find that not only is writing and sharing beneficial for me but it also is my way of being useful to other… If I can help touch even one person with my life story, that’s a plus. I need to make sure I stay spiritually fit or I can never and should never attempt to share and try to help others. I would have nothing to give back.

Enough for the moment.

Another disclaimer – I feel that I am a terrible writer, I have lots in my head to share, just not great at getting it on paper. Hopefully I will improve with time. Hmmm….little bit of  self-centered selfdoubt there, wonder where that came from. I know the answer, my disease.

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