Another Leap of Faith

I was a bit apprehensive about starting a blog about my recovery as an alcoholic. Scared that some friends, family and acquaintances may not accept me for who and what I am. Then I got thinking about the fear again. That is how I was and I do not want to be there ever again. So once again, as in many years, I have decided to go for it and take that “Leap of Faith” I am not ashamed of my past I have made amends for my past and continue to make amends as needed. Knowing that I am not a perfect person and sometimes I fall off the beam and have to get back on it. AA and the people that helped me get sober have saved my life. Not only when I was getting sober but everyday since. They taught me how to live One Day At A Time every single day from the day I finally gave in and admitted defeat. My life is filled with purpose. Because of this overwhelming feeling I have decided to right about my experience, strength and hope. I want to share with
anyone and everyone that wants to willingly listen. Thanks for taking the time to read my blog.

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